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Objective : As you all know that the Andhra Pradesh government is launching various schemes for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. Recently the Andhra Pradesh government has launched an insurance scheme called YSR B

YSR Bheema scheme is a kind of insurance Scheme which is providing security on the accident to families of poor and unorganized workers of Andhra Pradesh. Under this scheme, if the beneficiary dies due to an accident or suffers a permanent disability then the insurance amount will be received by the beneficiary’s family member. Through this scheme around 1.14 crore, citizens of Andhra Pradesh will get benefits. The government has decided a budget of Rs 510 crore for this scheme. Under YSR Bheema Scheme an insurance cover from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh which will be deposited into the bank account of beneficiary family member bank account within 15 days. In addition to this amount, Rs 10000 immediate financial relief will also be given by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Under the scheme, the beneficiary has to pay a premium of Rs 15 per annum.