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Objective : Tripura Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme (Play Little Study Little), activity based learning project for students amid COVID-19 lockdown, 5 lakh students to benefit who will share audio and video contents

Tripura government is going to launch Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme for students amid Coronavirus lockdown. It is an activity based learning project to engage students during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. This special project is scheduled to kick-start from 25 June 2020. As per the Play Little Study Little scheme, the students would be sharing audio and video contents on learning activities, projects along with fun and gaming activities via SMS or WhatsApp services

The Education state headquarters would share the learning contents to different district academic coordinators. These coordinators would share the same to headmasters of the schools in their concerned areas. Headmasters would engage their teachers to monitor the process and would be responsible for reporting back with feedback and any hiccups found in the exercise.

The Tripura state has 4,398 government and its aided schools and 335 private schools. Around 5 lakh students study in these schools across the state which also includes 1 lakh students admitted in the private schools. Now the students of all these schools will get benefited from the new Play Little Study Little Scheme.

Tripura Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme 2020

With uncertainty prevailing over reopening of schools due to COVID-19 pandemic, Tripura government has decided to start a new scheme called “Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho” which means “Play little, Study little” from 25 June 2020. Previously in April, the state education department started training student through various models such as online classes, recorded videos etc. These were streamed via local cable television channels and social media.

However, that project soon encountered hiccups as it was found that several children didn’t have access to Internet or cable TV channels. Such children were being left out of the government’s initiative due to poor network connectivity. The new Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme was floated which aims at engaging students by disseminating audio and video contents. It is focused on hands-on learning activities and messages of simple projects, fun activities and games among them through WhatsApp or SMS services.

As the state govt. is unable to reopen schools in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, govt. has planned to make sure student don’t waste their time and spend some time studying.

How to Access Play Little Study Little Scheme

The students can access the Ektu Khelo Ektu Padho Scheme through smartphones of their parents / guardians. In case any children can’t access through smartphone, they will get learning activities via SMS services. The Tripura govt. wants that students should invest their time in study during this COVID-19 lockdown period.

The students would get their daily lessons and activities on their mobile phones every morning. Feedback on their performance would be collected in the afternoon. The state govt. appeals students and guardians to take advantage of the new scheme. Education minister has also mentioned that a month-long series of online classes would commence once again from June 22.

Schools, colleges and other public places like gymnasiums are closed in Tripura since the month of March 2020. The state government of Tripura has announced that schools would re-open in June 2020. The announcement was retracted soon after revised central guidelines arrived.