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Objective : Pension amount for old age, widow, disabled & all category beneficiaries doubled under Telangana Aasara Pensions Scheme 2019, check details

Telangana government has doubled the pension amount for all beneficiaries under Aasara Pensions Scheme. While the pension amount of Rs. 1,000 has been raised to Rs. 2,016 for all categories, pension amount of Rs 1,500 given to differently-abled persons has been increased to Rs 3,016. The decision of doubling Telangana Aasara Pension Amount would be applicable from June 2019 and beneficiaries will start getting new pension amount from July 2019.

As a pre poll promise, CM K Chandrashekhar Rao had promised to double the pension amounts to beneficiaries. Moreover, he also announced to revise the age limit for old-age pensioners from 65 years to 57 years.

Subsequently, the state govt. has released orders to raise pension amounts. Moreover, it is expected that separate orders for revising age limit would be issued soon.

Telangana Aasara Pension Amount Doubled for All Categories

Beneficiaries under the categories of old-age, widow, weavers, toddy tappers, persons with HIV-AIDS, beedi workers, single women, self employed artisans, hawkers, vendors engaged on petty business and filaria patients who are getting monthly pension of Rs 1,000 will now receive Rs 2,016 per month. Similarly, differently-abled persons who are getting Rs. 1,500 per month will get a hiked pension of Rs 3,016 from July onward. CM KCR of Telangana has doubled Aasara pension amount for all category of beneficiaries.

Currently, around 39,32,302 persons are getting benefitted under the Aasara pension scheme in Telangana. Due to revised age limit for old-age pensioners and higher pensions amount under Aasara Pensions, the number of beneficiaries is likely to increase by another 7 lakh.

The state govt. is likely to bear a financial burden of Rs. 12,000 crore. For this purpose, Telangana govt. has already made an allocation of Rs. 12,607 crore in its budget during February 2019.

Telangana Aasara Pensions Scheme Exclusion List

The persons belonging to the households fulfilling 1 or more of the following condition’s listed below shall not be eligible for Social Security Pensions (Aasara Pensions Scheme) in Telangana:-

  • Having land more than 3.0 acres wet / irrigated dry or 7.5 acres dry.
  • Having children who are Government / Public sector / Private sector employment / Out-sourced / contract.
  • People having children who are doctors, contractors, professionals and self employed.
  • Having large business enterprise (oil mills, rice mills, pumps, rig owners, shop owners etc.)
  • People who are already receiving Government pensions or freedom fighter pensions.
  • Owners of light and/or heavy automobiles (four wheelers and big vehicles).
  • Any other criterion in which the verification officer may assess by the manner of lifestyle, occupation and possession of assets rendering the household as ineligible.
  • Annual household income is more than Rs. 1.50 lakhs in rural areas and Rs. 2 lakhs in urban areas.