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Objective : Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme 2020 Application Form PDF Download at fardodisha.gov.in, apply for promotion of intensive aquaculture through Bio-Floc Technology scheme to boost fish productio

Odisha government has launched Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme to promote intensive aquaculture in fisheries sector. This scheme will provide livelihood support to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and interested progressive fish farmers. The new scheme will also boost fish production in the state and help those youths who are facing unemployment amid COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Candidates can now download Biofloc Technology based fish farming scheme application form online at fardodisha.gov.in. Interested farmers (grow-out tanks, nursery and seed tanks), fish and shrimp hatchery operators, private entrepreneurs, unemployed youth can apply.

Bio-floc based farming system for intensive shrimp and fish farming is a new technology for promotion of intensive fish/ shrimp production in a limited area. This will not result in significant increase in the usage of the basic natural resources of water and land. People having small land holding (as small as 150-200 square meter of land) and having either municipal piped water supply or bore well water supply can establish this business with small investment.

This programme aims to support fish farmers/ young entrepreneurs including migrant farmers affected due to COVID-19 for generation of income and livelihood support. Around 1080 nos. of Bio-floc tanks will be developed under this programme with subsidy support under state plan scheme during 2020-21.