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Objective : Karnataka govt. to start Samrakshane Scheme 2020-21 to protect unlisted heritage monuments, buildings, restoration works of 25,000 sites to be carried out with the help of private organizations

Karnataka government will start protecting unlisted heritage monuments in the state under Samrakshane Scheme 2020. The state govt. aims to protect important monuments and buildings which does not figure in lists of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) or in the Karnataka archaeology department. All of these heritage monuments are of national importance and must be protected and preserved.

In the entire Karnataka state, there are over 25,000 temples, mosques, churches, heritage buildings and other monuments which requires attention. Accordingly, the state govt. comes up with Samrakshane Scheme to take up restoration works of these structures. Tourism Minister has lauded efforts of Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Dharmothana Trust (SDMDT) in protecting cultural sites.

The trust has already restored and protected around 176 temples of heritage value in the past 20 years. Taking help from SDMDT trust, govt. will carry out restoration works as they have team of engineers who are experts in restoring monuments.

Karnataka Samrakshane Scheme 2020 to Revamp Heritage Sites

The state govt. of Karnataka is all set to protect unlisted heritage monuments across the state under Samrakshane Scheme 2020. Any building or structure that is of historic and socio-cultural value, architectural or artistic significance, with respect to design and use of construction material, are considered as heritage monuments. This scheme is most likely to be announced in the upcoming Karnataka Budget 2020-2021 to be presented on 5 March.

In Karnataka state, there are around 1,453 structures including Belur-Halebid, Hampi, Badami, Pattad-Kallu caves which are listed as heritage monument sites. There are many monuments which needs attention and there is need to preserve these for the future generations. The state govt. has identified about 25,000 structures under unlisted monuments which would be restored with the help of private organisations.

Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari Veerendra Heggade had done commendable work in restoration and protection of 176 temples of heritage value. This trust comprises of team of engineers who are experts in restoring monuments. So, the state govt. of Karnataka will tie up with this trust to perform restoration works. The trust is ready to provide technical support absolutely free of cost and the state govt. will bear the remaining cost.

Various monuments in Karnataka needs protection under Samrakshane Scheme. For eg – Tipu’s Armoury is located near Bengaluru Medical College. While this armoury where missiles were once stored has been neglected. Another example is of the Combined Jewel Filters in Malleshwaram where muddy water from He-saraghatta reservoir used to be filtered and purified 100 years ago. All of these monumental sites would be restored under this new scheme.