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Objective : Karnataka govt. starts Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 for loan disbursal through cooperative institutions, Rs. 15,300 cr to agriculture sector & Rs. 24,000 cr to non-agricultural sector, check complete

Karnataka government has launched Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020 for disbursal of loans to the tune of Rs. 39,300 crores. Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa has started Arthika Spandana programme for disbursing loans through various cooperative institutions. In this scheme, around Rs. 15,300 crores would be disbursed to the agriculture sector while a sum of Rs 24,000 crores would be earmarked for the non-agricultural sector.

The state govt. has launched Karnataka Arthika Spandana Loan Disbursal Scheme 2020 by symbolically handing over cheques towards loans to 50 beneficiaries. CM even hailed the cooperative institutions for helping people during the times of COVID-19 and floods.

In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme for disbursal of loans.

Karnataka Arthika Spandana Scheme 2020

Karnataka govt. has launched the Arthika Spandana Scheme to disburse loans of Rs. 39,300 crore through various cooperative institutions. Around Rs. 15,300 crore will be given to the agriculture sector and Rs. 24,000 crore will be earmarked for non-agricultural sector. Central government has granted Rs. 4,525 crore to strengthen farmers producers organizations (FPOs) and primary agricultural cooperatives.

Beneficiaries of Arthika Spandana Programme

In the Arthika Spandana Loan Disbursal Scheme, primary agricultural cooperatives would be upgraded as multi-service centres. As many as 1,549 cooperatives would be benefited by loan disbursing programme. Cooperation dept. had set up a target of distributing crop loans to a total amount of Rs. 15,300 crore this year. Till date, around Rs. 7,929.30 crore had been disbursed to 12.11 lakh farmers at zero and 3% interest rates.

Incentive to Dairy Farmers

The state govt. of Karnataka has also provided several benefits to farmers. Recently, govt. has released Rs. 1,885 crore as incentive to dairy farmers at a rate of Rs. 5 per litre. Similar to this, a new scheme had been taken up to provide loans at zero percent interest rate to dairy farmers and fishermen.

Cooperative sector and APMCs had already donated Rs. 53 crore to the Chief Minister’s relief fund to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. In addition to this, an incentive of Rs. 12.75 crore had been provided to 12,608 Asha workers. This incentive amount was in addition to Rs. 79 crore granted to the Karnataka Milk Federation to supply free milk to poor families during the Coronavirus lockdown period