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Website : http://hareda.gov.in/en

Objective : Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme 2020 online registration/application form at www.hareda.gov.in, avail 30% subsidy on solar roof top power plant, check complete apply online process and deta

Haryana government has announced Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme and the applications are being invited through online mode at www.hareda.gov.in. The motive of this scheme is to motivate the people to choose for green energy. The Department of Renewable Energy is responsible for formulating policies and programmes necessary for renewable sources of energy in the State.

The objective of the scheme is to promote green building design for efficient use of energy in housing, commercial and industrial sector. Installation of solar power plant is mandatory in certain categories of buildings in Haryana. To increase the capacity of solar power energy for energy security.

Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme has a target to add grid connected solar power generation of 3000 MW by 2017 and 20,000 MW by 2022. Annual capacity of insolation in state is 4.6 kWh/m2/day. The project is aimed at fighting with the climate change issue and motivate to develop the green energy.

Apply Online for Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme

People in Haryana can apply online for rooftop solar plant installation through the official website of Haryana Renewable Energy department at www.hareda.gov.in. Below is the complete procedure to fill the online application form

STEP 1: Visit the official website at http://www.hareda.gov.in/en

Subsidy under Rooftop Solar Power Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana

The state government is providing 30% of benchmark cost as subsidy under the scheme. The maximum subsidy per KWp is Rs. 20000 for all residential, institutional and social sector.

List of Documents Required for Solar Rooftop Plant Subsidy Scheme in Haryana

All the applicants must ensure that they possess soft copies of the following proof before filling the online application:

  1. Identity Proof (both): PAN Card, Aadhaar Card
  2. Residence/Address Proof: AADHAR CARD and any other document if address differ from AADHAR Card
  3. Site Address Proof: Electricity Bill, Photograph of site
  4. For other than domestic sector: Registration Certificate, Proof of being institute/social organization

Check documents guidelines & FAQ’s – http://www.dnreapplyonline.gov.in/displaydata/default/submenuofsubmenudata?pageid=1&parentid=4&subpageid=1

Why Install Rooftop Solar Plant

A Solar Power Plant produces electricity directly from Sun by the interaction of sunlight with a solar panel made of semiconductor material. The power provided is direct current (DC) electricity.

  • Reduce your electricity bill up to 90%.
  • Life more than 25 years.
  • Payback period about 5 years.
  • No maintenance .
  • Additional FAR upto 12% allowed.
  • Approximately cost Rs.60000-Rs.75,000 per kWp.
  • Additional incentive of upto Re.1.00 per unit on total solar power-generated in electricity bills.
  • Feed Excess Solar power to grid through Net-Metering Facility.
  • Generate approximately 1500 Units of electricity perkwp annually.

A Solar Power Plant consists of an array of modules generating DC electricity, an inverter and some times battery storage back up.

Highlights of Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme

– Rooftop Space Requirement is 10 Sq. Mtr/kwp.
– No processing/application fee.
– Installation of solar power plant is mandatory in certain categories of buildings in Haryana.
– No permission is required from the building plan sanction authority.

Get the system installed from any of approved channel partner of MNRE, Govt. of India (List available on www.hareda.gov.in & www.mnre.gov.in)