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Objective : Goa govt. has revised Ashraya Aadhar Scheme for FY 2019 for scheduled tribes, ST category applicants can download affidavit & no objection certificate format to get Rs. 5 lakh loan assistance @ 2% int

Goa government has revised the house loan assistance under Ashraya Adhar Scheme 2019 from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh. Under this housing loan scheme, all the people from scheduled tribe (ST) category can avail Rs. 5 lakh as financial support in the form of loan @ 2% simple interest per annum for repair reconstruction / renovation of house. Now ST category applicants can download the format for affidavit and no objection certificate (NOC) to get assistance amount.

Goa State Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation (GSSTFDCL) has notified the revised Ashraya Aadhar Scheme 2019. Any person belonging to the ST community having their own house (including mundcarial house) either owned individually or jointly will be eligible for financial support under this scheme.

Moreover if the house is owned jointly and there are different units in a family in a same house residing separately, then each unit would be eligible for financial assistance.

Goa Ashraya Adhar Scheme 2019 (Revised) for STs

Under revised Ashraya Aadhar Scheme 2019, the amount of Rs. 5 lakh (previously Rs. 2 lakh) will be advanced in the form of loan at 2% interest rate per annum. The repayment period for assistance is 10 years which also includes moratorium period of 3 months to ST members. The age of the applicant must not exceed 55 years on the date of loan application. The age of applicant is relaxed upto 58 years in case of employee of state / central govt. / govt. corporation / board or aided institute.

Revised Ashraya Aadhar Scheme Affidavit & No-Objection Certificate

Below is the direct link to download the Affidavit and No Objection Certificate:-

    • The loan amount would be advanced in 2 phases – Rs. 3,75,000 immediately after sanctioning of loan and Rs. 1,25,000 on utilization of 1st installment certified by the valuer appointed by the corporation. Download link for Revised Ashraya Adhar Scheme 2019 in Goa is given below:-
    • https://www.goa.gov.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Ashraya-Adhar-Scheme-Detail.pdf
    • The affidavit is to be made on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper duly notarized in the format as shown below:-
Goa Ashraya Adhar Scheme 2019 Affidavit
Goa Ashraya Adhar Scheme 2019 Affidavit
    • The format of No Objection Certificate which is to be made on a Rs. 20 stamp paper duly notarized in the format shown below:-


Revised Goa Ashraya Adhar Scheme NOC
Revised Goa Ashraya Adhar Scheme NOC

The net monthly income of the applicant must be in proportion of the EMI of the loan. The applicants will have to provide 2 guarantors who will guarantee loan payment in case the loanee fails to repay the loan amount.

The corporation has also notified amendments of short term loan scheme for education, business, medical purpose. Under this scheme, govt. will provide financial assistance upto Rs. 1 lakh at 2% to any individual student as advance to meet the financial requirement urgently for education, business and medical purposes.

Now the repayment period in respect to loan for education purpose is enhanced to 10 months to 20 months with a moratorium period of 3 months. Moreover repayment period for loans of business and medical purpose is 10 months with moratorium period of 3 months. Govt. provide sufficient time to settle the business and provide relief to the sick patients from obligation of repaying the loan immediately. Other clause of the scheme are still unchanged.